The Rockabilly Room – Rockabilly – Psychobilly – Punk Rock music Recording August 23 2013


The Rockabilly Room – Rockabilly – Psychobilly – Punk Rock music  Recording August 23 2013 – Click here to listen!

Here is the recording / podcast of The Rockabilly Room Radio show. From August 23, 2013.

Broadcasting Rockabilly and Psychobilly music from 100.3 FM in Kitchener Waterloo Ontario Canada
with your hosts, DJ Jennie Rage and DJ Rockin’ Ramzi.

Hour 1 – Rockabilly , Hour 2 – Psychobilly Louder Hour- Enjoy!

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This Weeks PlayList Includes:

Crazy Cavan – Teddy Boy Rock N Roll

▶ Bill Moss – You Look Like Something That Cat Drug In

Mystery Gang Rockabilly Trio – Woodoo Doll

The Flying Saucers The Souths Gunna Rise Again

rockabillyroom Station ID-burlesquebitch

Black Raven_ Cool Cat Style

BREATHLESS – Out Of Your Door

Savoy Truffles full Radio i.d.

▶ Joe Redeye – Backseat Bowling

Wild Wax Comco – Big Beautiful Eyes

▶ Topcats – Loser

Cab Calloway – We The Cats Shall Hep Ya – 1947

Ginger St. James – Please Mr. Driver

Imelda May – Proud And Humble

Devil Dance – Ginger St. James

Cari lee _ the saddle ites – hurry up

The Buckshots – The Devil Is A Woman

Raik & The Chainballs – Little by little

Full station ID from Burlesque-A-Billy Performers

Levi & The Rockats — Note From The South

Kim Lenz & The Jaguars – That’s the Breaks

Nervous Breakdown – Rockabilly Queen


Włochaty – Czwarta Rano

Chris Mysterion Station ID

Voodoo Zombie – Santa Muerte

Vince Ray and the Boneshakers – Zombie Radio

Thee Flanders – Moonlight Sonata

The Vincent Razorbacks ~ Big Black Shadow

The Rocket Dogz-Witch

The Quakes – Psycho Attack

Full station ID from Burlesque-A-Billy Performers

The Mutilators Sweet Dreams

The Meteors – I Don_t Worry About It

The Magnetix – Plastic and Concrete

The Lucky Devils – Call Me (Blondie Psychobilly Cover)

The Gangnails – Crypt House

Skarpeta – Psycho Billy

Sir Psyko _ His Monsters – Monsterbilly Queen

Pitbullfarm – Lovesong

Penny Pimms rockabilly room plug

Opus666 – Banane Metalik

Ninja Dolls – Who am I fooling

Mad Sin- She’s So Bad It’s Good

Hayride To Hell ~ Rockin_ Coffin Bar