Rockabilly Room PsychoBilly Louder Hour – Tri City Roller Derby recording Show 119 June 12 2015

Tri-City Roller Derby Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge Ontario Canada


The Rockabilly Room – Show # 119 Feat. Tri-City Roller Derby’s Venus Fly Tramps’ No Good Tamaratan, and Tri-City Roller Derby’s Juniors team members Mattitude and Malice Cullen!

Here is the recording / podcast of The Rockabilly Room Radio show 119. From Friday June 12, 2015

Broadcasting Rockabilly and Psychobilly music from 100.3 FM in Kitchener Waterloo Ontario Canada
with your hosts, DJ Jennie Rage and DJ Rockin’ Ramzi and guest producer Quick Sand Stan.

Hour 1 – Rockabilly , Hour 2 – Psychobilly Louder Hour- Enjoy!

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This week’s playlist includes:

Rockabilly Room Intro
Man Cave_m04 Crown City Bombers
Queen Bee_m04 Crown City Bombers
Tri – City Roller Derby Interview
Station ID Little jo and the misfits
Little Jo & The Misfits – Shootin the Breeze Mastered
Tri – City Roller Derby Interview
Barnyard Cat Texas T & the Shine Runners
Tin Top Rattle Texas T & the Shine Runners
Tri – City Roller Derby Interview
Good Juice The Thirsty Crows
Heart Attack The Thirsty Crows
Tri – City Roller Derby Interview
04 Boogie Company Ace Of Spades
LunchMoneyMIX1 Sandbox Bullies
CadillacRuff1 Sanbox Bullies
Rockabilly – Submissions – Hard Six – Haunted Ride – 02 – Rockabilly Rumble
Rockabilly – Submissions – Hard Six – Haunted Ride – 04 – Haunted Ride

PsychoBilly Louder Hour

Psychobilly – Lightning Beat Man – Hurt Me
The Matadors – A Little Bit Of Alcohol
Zombilly – The Sound of Shovels
Psychobilly – The Maü-Maü Sous les tropiques
Psychobilly – All About – Psychobilly – Rockabilly Room cut
The Hyperjax – Madame Butterfly
Psychobilly – The Numbskulls – What Else Man Can We Do
The Rocket Dogz-Witch
The Radiacs – do bad things
Psychobilly – The Scannerz __ Stupid Information
Psychobilly – The Tazmen – Sailor Man
Psychobilly – Wanton – Moonshine Train