Rockabilly Room PsychoBilly Louder Hour Ontario Canada Radio Music show 106 Friday March 13 2015


The Rockabilly Room – Show # 106!

Here is the recording / podcast of The Rockabilly Room Radio show. From Friday March the 13th, 2015

Broadcasting Rockabilly and Psychobilly music from 100.3 FM in Kitchener Waterloo Ontario Canada
with your hosts, DJ Jennie Rage and DJ Rockin’ Ramzi and guest producer Quick Sand Stan.

Hour 1 – Rockabilly , Hour 2 – Psychobilly Louder Hour- Enjoy!

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Thanks for tuning in…

This week’s playlist includes:

The Millwinders Each Day
Carolina & her Rhythm Rockets – Darling Dear
Tennessee Voodoo Coupe – Rockaway Beach
RV Hookup_ by Jonny Barber and The Living Deads
King Of Fools – The 3 Kings – Rockabilly Cover Version
The Shotgun- Jubal Cane ( Rockabilly )
Topcats – Loser
Movie Scream Compilation Supercut – Scream For Your Life!
Border Hoppin Boys – Lonely Path I Walk
Go Getters – Secret Agent Man
Breathless – Bad Bad Boy
Cant stop Rattle Rockin Boys
Glue Me Back Jack – Nancy Dawn & The Hi Fi Guys
Johnny Law – Pistol Packin Daddies STation ID Australia
Hi Strung Ramblers.If Your Not Around
Rock And Roll is King – Smooth & the Bully Boys

PsychoBilly Louder Hour

I Want_ em Dead by Thee Merry Widows
Kitty In A Casket – Slave Of Church
Station ID RCRG
KLAX – My Sweet Baby
Dypsomaniaxe – Bad Habit
American Horror Story FreakShow scary sound
Koffin Kats – Graveyard Tree
La Plebe – Cerdos A Marchar
Cold Blue Rebels ‘Sock Hop Strangler’
Mad Mongols – Crazy Japanese Yellow Monkey
Ninja Dolls – Who am I fooling
Os Catalepticos – Like In A Gasoline Tank
Pitbullfarm – Lovesong
Playing with Guns – Race with the Devil
ENTER SANDMAN by Cold Blue Rebels Metallica Compilation