Rockabilly Room PsychoBilly Louder Hour Ontario Canada Radio Music show 105 Friday March 6 2015


The Rockabilly Room – Show # 105!

Here is the recording / podcast of The Rockabilly Room Radio show. From Friday March the 6th, 2015

Broadcasting Rockabilly and Psychobilly music from 100.3 FM in Kitchener Waterloo Ontario Canada
with your hosts, DJ Jennie Rage and DJ Rockin’ Ramzi and guest producer Quick Sand Stan.

Hour 1 – Rockabilly , Hour 2 – Psychobilly Louder Hour- Enjoy!

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This week’s playlist includes:

Rockabilly Room Intro
Rockabilly – Batmobile – Shoot shoot
Rockabilly – Danny Rockabilly and His Clan-Dirty Baby
Tiki Creeps – The crawling terror
Rockabilly – I Walk The Line – Johnny Cash (Newport 1964)
Dead Water Disco Catl
Rockabilly – MARCEL MARTEL mon amour du rock’n’roll canada rockabilly
The Vaudevillian – Beedle Am Bam 9
Aint never bothered me Burnin’ Ethyl
Hard Time Killing Floor Blues FRANKIE & JIMMY
Station ID RCRG
Rockabilly – Roller Derby Saved My Soul by Uncle Leon & The Alibis

Devil Doll Hard Fall Hearts
Lullaby Ginger St. James & The Grinders
Decapulettes Roller Girls Station id 19
What Another Lovely Day KARLING
Phil Friendly – West Coats Sessions -8
Little Jo & The Misfits – Shootin the Breeze Mastered
Vampire Bat Undead Drifters

PsychoBilly Louder Hour

Psychobilly – Cracks – Psychobilly Girl
Psychobilly – mad heads- evil people – PSYCHOBILLY
Arachnophobia Kryptonix
STATION ID the hellfreaks
11 Dead And Breakfast 5 The Hell Freaks
Psychobilly – POX-rockin daddy
Mr Sinister Kris – IMSOMNIA Master with Vocals
School Bites Evil Elvis
AS DIABATZ – OUT OF SIGHT (Recording at Studio)
Psychobilly – The Deadutantes – My Darling
Psychobilly – The Meteors WOLFJOB
Terrortino Station ID
The Brains – The Monster Within – Misery
Psychobilly – The Whiskey Wailers – Lady of Limbo Town
Psychobilly – tranquillizers- destroyed illusions- PSYCHOBILLY