Frontier Ghost Town & Come Together Music Fest Ginger St. James Birthday Celebration Aug 3 & 4 2013

Saturday and Sunday August 3rd and 4th 2013! Don’t miss it.


Party TIL The Cow’s Come home #1 in association w/ Frontier Ghost Town & Come Together Music Fest. Onsite Camping, Outdoor and indoor stages, vendors and more! $40 includes Camping & Bands . $65 for entire weekend by mentioning “Til the Cow’s Come Home”

Advance tickets available for reservation.Vendor’s spots available for rent. Email Mark Wilson :

Danny Phelan
Frankie & Jimi
Ginger St. James
Boogie Infection
Dave Rave

Onsite Photographer, Jennifer Emily (Artgreen Productions) Will be available to shoot your band at Frontier Ghost Town for $50. This is a Fantastic opportunity. Ms. Jennifer Emily did the shots for our last 2 albums. 🙂

“Chunky Monkey” – will be servin’ up some grub, and we’ll have sweet corn on the cob too! YUMMMM. Always some great burgers, hot dogs, grilled cheese with ham or bacon, fries. poutine, breakfast sandwich, Veggie burgers too!

Rockiin’ Ramzi’s Rockabilly & Pinup Emporium –

“Pure Hempiness” – specialty vendor.