May 302015

Rockabilly Room PsychoBilly Louder Hour Ontario Canada Radio Music show recording Tri City Roller Derby Interview #2 Show 117 May 29 2015


The Rockabilly Room – Show # 117 with special guests from Tri-City Roller Derby, Pity Afoo, and Stacey Jones!

Here is the recording / podcast of The Rockabilly Room Radio show 117. From Friday May 29, 2015

Broadcasting Rockabilly and Psychobilly music from 100.3 FM in Kitchener Waterloo Ontario Canada
with your hosts, DJ Jennie Rage and DJ Rockin’ Ramzi and guest producer Quick Sand Stan.

Hour 1 – Rockabilly , Hour 2 – Psychobilly Louder Hour- Enjoy!

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This week’s playlist includes:

Rockabilly Room Intro

(You_ve Got A) Shaolin Kung-Fu Death Grip On My Soul – Lee Presson and the nails
Black Raven – Keep On Rockin
Tri City Roller Derby Interview
Lonesome Spurs – My Home
Mars Attacks – The Way I Bop
Tri City Roller Derby Interview
Judy Layne & The Rumblers – Hard Headed Woman
Rockabilly Room Station ID Cash O’Riley
Glue Me Back Jack – Nancy Dawn & The Hi Fi Guys
The Hot Rocks – Rockabilly fever
Tri City Roller Derby Interview
Eve Hell & The Razors – Big River – Calgary
Born this way – The Baseballs
The Greasemarks Canadian Bloodshoteyes
Jim Howard – I_ll Get Better Bye And Bye – 1950s
Stray Cats – Stray Cat Strut
Dave Phillips _ The Hot Rod Gang – Good Thing #2 (Neo Rockabilly)

PsychoBilly Louder Hour

Manic Pistoleros-Wrong side of town
Dypsomaniaxe – Countess Lizzie psychobilly
Mad Mongols – Crazy Japanese Yellow Monkey
As Diabatz Riding Through The Devil_s Hill
Disturbance – Mystery Girl
Silver Shine – Your Slave
Forever Dead- Devils Ride – Canadian

Damage done by Worms – Ghostriders in the sky 3
Chaos – The Koffin Kats
Green Monster – Zombie Party Rock
7 Shot Screamers – Kickin’ Myself Again